What is AiPlex Software And How to do Aiplex Copyright Remove?

Hello friends, welcome to your PureBlogTipsĀ blog. So friends today, in this article we will learn about What is AiPlex Software And How to do Aiplex Copyright Remove?”. And also know why AiPlex Software Pvt Ltd gives copyright strikes on our YouTube Channel? We will know all these things in this article below.

What is AiPlex Software Pvt Ltd?

Many of my blog readers do not know what is AiPlex? So let me say that Aiplex Software Private Limited is an Online Privacy Protect company. This Digital Piracy Company is located in Bangalore. This company protects them from piracy by taking digital rights for almost a number of Digital Platforms.

When was AiPlex Company formed?

Aiplex Software Private Limited was established on 03-03-2003 (3 March 2003). And this company started with CIN: U72900KA2003PTC031656.

Aiplex Software Private Limited Owner

Maybe you don’t know what is the owner name of AiPlex? So I would like to tell you that the directors of AiPlex Software Pvt Ltd are Girish Kumar Nanjundaiah and Sarvamangala Nanjundaiah.

Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd Contact Details

If you are also searching for AiPlex Contact Number on Internet. So below I have provided all the information of this software software limited.

Address2943/E, I Floor, Opp Maruthi Mandir Service Road, Vijayanagar Bangalore KA 560040 India
Landline080 -23305411, 080-23305412,080-23305413
Mobile NumberN/A
Email IDantipiracy@aiplex.com, aiplexprivate@gmail.com

What is the job of AiPlex Software Company?

Till now you have told a lot about this AiPlex above. But do you know what is the work of Aiplex Software Private Limited? If you do not know, then know that APLEX is a software company. And nowadays the world is becoming digital. In such a situation, there is a lot of software and application on the Internet. This prevents them from being AiPlex Piracy. And all those software is owned by Security Rights Complex.

For example: Sony TV is an online streaming and broadcasting platform. And Sony TV also has a mobile application called sonyliv. So Sony Sony Pvt Ltd. This gives money to AiPlex. So that Alexa can protect this Sony TV from being piracy on online internet.

Because you know that we have to take subscription in SonyLiv Application. Some of the same developers modify this app and easily crack the subscription and make it available in the market for free. Due to which sonyliv is greatly damaged. That is why this AiPlex Software Private Limited protects all these Digital Platforms.

What is AiPlex Industry Type?

The brand name of Aiplex Software Private Limited is AiPlex. And this company is related to Information Technology (IT) Sector. Along with this, it provides many other services such as Complex Software Development Services, Search Engine Optimization Services, Antipiracy.

How to Copyright AiPlex Software Private Limited Youtube Copyright Strike Remove?

If you are a new YouTuber, then you must also have come to Copyright Strike from AiPlex. However, if you have not received any strike or email, then tell me if you are providing such a content. In which piracy has been told. And the original product of that piracy is AiPlex Protect. Then you get a copyright strike from Alex.

So now if you want that Aiplex Youtube Copyright Strike Remove be done, then for this you will have to contact the alex via aiplex email address and share all the details from them. And after their verification, they may remove the copyright strike from your YouTube channel.

Apart from this, if Strike comes on your YouTube channel, then in your YouTube Studio you also get the option to file a copyright counter.

Why I Got Fake Copyright Strike from AiPlex Software Pvt Ltd?

By the way, let me tell you that at some times some such incidents also happen to you. So that you do not have any relation with far and wide. Meaning that if you have a YouTube channel, then you too can come to Fake Copyright Strike from AiPlex. But in such a situation, you do not have to panic, rather you have to use the way to contact AiPlex.

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