What is email marketing and how does it work ?

There are countless jobs being collected every day in the freelancing marketplace. It is seen that the freelancers have to face the intense competition to get most of the work done.
But there is also work in the freelancing marketplace; Again, getting the job does not have to compete too much. One such job is email marketing. Email marketing is basically direct marketing or direct marketing. In this work, customers have to make an excellent description about any product mentioned by buyer. As a result, customers can know about those products. As a result, the probability of selling those products / products increases. From a statistic, a freelancer can earn up to 50 thousand to 3 lakhs per month through e-mail marketing. You can also develop your own freelancing career by email marketing. So let’s know about the beginning of email marketing.

What is email marketing
Email marketing is a very easy job. Simply put an email to someone. In order to email marketing, we need to email customers about different products of an organization. As a result, customers or subscribers will receive mail in their inbox. As a result, customers will be able to know about those products and some people may be interested in buying these products. This will increase the chance of selling the company’s products.
Many of us have a negative opinion about email marketing. What we usually mean by email marketing is to send spam messages to people. But the matter is not exactly the same. Rather, email marketing is an effective way to direct the customers about the products of any company. We see in one detail that in 2011, for the e-mail marketing in the US, 1.51 billion dollars was spent. Currently the cost of email marketing has increased. The amount of this spending has increased to $ 2.48 billion. Another information will help you to understand the importance of email marketing. And that’s 24 percent of the online sales of e-mail marketing. So understand the importance of email marketing.
Email marketing has gained a lot of popularity at the present time. Online marketing has become a big dependent email marketing. It is also very effective in affiliate marketing. Many people earn a lot of money by collecting affiliate products from different affiliate networks through e-mail marketing. Email marketing is a very easy contingent job. Those who have a very small idea about online work can also do email marketing. To get started, you can get help from an experienced person.
Why email marketing is done

There are various online shopping sites. From which customers buy different products. Like amazon.com is a pilgrim place for online shopping. But everyone is not visiting the Amazon site every day. The Amazon site is a new product, the person who is not visiting the site, he can not know about the product. So if the Amazon site authority does not tell the person about their product, they lose a potential buyer. So if Amazon has email marketing about their new product then that person will receive the mail in its inbox. As a result, he will know about the product. If he likes his product, he may be interested in buying it or letting the product know about it. As a result, the potential of selling products from the Amazon site will increase. So how much the importance of email marketing is clear from this example.

The type of job of email marketing

Freelancing marketplace never leads to a particular job demand, and sometimes it decreases. Or the competition gets so much harder to get a certain job that finding work is very difficult. But at the moment, the emergence of the new freelancers has become the hope of e-mail marketing. Email Marketing is going to be a huge sector of online income online. Freelancers can do some types of email marketing.
1. You can create an email list for buyer.
2. You can sell e-mail marketing template and sell it.
3. Email marketing on its product or content for buyer.
4. You can also email marketing for a freelancer local market for different organizations.
Create email marketing templates, increase the amount of income

Email marketing will open the way for you to earn a lot of income. If you can create an email marketing template, then it is possible to earn money by selling it to buyer, and there is also a chance to earn income by selling templates on the themeforest site. Your email marketing template design will be as good as its sales price increases. Generally an email template is sold up to $ 30-45. So it is understandable that email marketing will not only increase the freelancing market but also the income of other online mediums for you.
Odds are getting numerous jobs for e-mail marketing every day. Many new freelancers started freelancing via e-mail marketing. So you can also start learning about your freelancing career. So friends go on let’s see an email marketing job posted in Odesk.

The amount of income through email marketing

Beforehand, the scope of work in email marketing is widespread. The number of e-mail marketing is increasing as the number of days progresses. Different organizations are putting emphasis on email marketing for the promotion of their products. As a result, the work volume is also increasing in the freelancing marketplace. Actually email marketing is a creative job. The more you can present the details of any product as well as the purchaser, the more likely the sale of the product will increase.
The news for freelancers is going to increase the amount of e-mail marketing in Odessa very fast. One statistics shows that 15 percent of the work done in Odesk is e-mail marketing. Freelancers are currently working for e-mail marketing at $ 8-10 per hour. New freelancers are working for 4-5 dollars per hour. With the increased work experience, you can increase your work value.
If you can also design e-mail marketing template then your income will increase further. Generally an email marketing earner can earn up to 25000 to 1 lakh in a month. So friends are late, you can start e-mail marketing. Through this you can build your freelancing carrier.

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