The meaning of the analytic word is statistical or observation. Analytics on the Web is a review of the various weblink hits. Suppose you have a download link for any software on your server. The list of how many downloads it has made, when the maximum, how many times a day has downloaded, the observation is analytics.

You made a site with great difficulty. It’s getting very popular. Now, how many visitors are coming to your site every day Analytical use is essential for those people who prefer more than some text. Again, the site is going to search the search engine by entering the visitors. How long is it? It is also used to know about it. If you use it, you can write article/text in that keyword to make your site more popular.

If you have a C-panel, it is very easy to do analytics. There you will not have to do anything. But I will not tell about the plan today. Because of not all C panels. The methods I say today will be useful for C panel or any other site. This is Google Analytics. You can easily visualize your site from this.