What is javascript?

What is javascript?

It’s a scripting language that can be understood by listening to the word javascript. It’s a straightforward language. You need to learn HTML before learning about it. One thing to say, you have to learn HTML first. Then there are so many things.

It’s basically a scripting language.

It works with HTML. Let’s say, it’s just like HTML.
It’s absolutely free.
It could be used by anyone.

Java and JavaScript are one?
Javascript and Java differ.
Java has created Sun Microsystems.
It is said that Java is a software maker organization. They created both C and C ++.

Why do we use JavaScript?
Javascript that creates English profiles and programmers. But HTML has not created programmers.
With JavaScript, you can design and build dynamic sites.

View any problem in HTML on your site, JavaScript itself can solve. In some cases.
There are some data that has to be validated. They are with javascript.
Different sites use it as a cookie. We have seen at different times that the time of logging is written in the Remember Me, it is done by it.

Where is it born?
The real name of ECMAScript.
Gift of ECMA organization


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