What is keyword research?

Keyword Research is a process with the help of which we do research to search the most searched terms on the search engine so that by adding these popular search terms to our content, we can add a high-rank in the search engine. Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO. With the help of which we can increase the rank of our site.

On Google or other Search Engines, we search for any content only with the help of keywords. The goal of Keywords Research is to search the terms that lead to high traffic gain on the search engine.

Without Keyword Research, we cannot know for which Keywords we optimize our blog. Which can bring more traffic to our blog.

Keyword research is a search engine optimization practice used to find alternative search terms. This is the most popular and important SEO task by which popular words and phrases are identified.

Types Of Keyword:

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Mid Tail Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword

Short Tail Keyword:

These are single words like WordPress, SEO, etc. These types of keywords are highly searched. Competition is also very high on these and they do not give even better results.

Mid Tail Keyword

These are made up of two words like WordPress guide, SEO tutorials, etc. Their monthly searches are also high and competition is medium.

Long Tail Keyword

Such keywords include more than 2 or 3 words like Complete WordPress guide etc. They are highly targeted and help in getting targeted traffic to your site. Their search volume is very low and there is not much competition on them.

Why is Keyword Research Important for SEO:

If you want to bring more traffic to your blog and you want to achieve quick success in Blogging, then Keyword Research is your first step. This is more important because there is a lot of competition on keywords in almost every online business.

Keyword research is mainly done for 3 reasons:

  • Find Keyword Search Volume (Monthly Organic Traffic)
  • Check Competition Find Profitable Keywords (CPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Search Volume

The main reason for keyword research is that we find such keywords that people are searching for and a lot of traffic is coming to them. Because as much traffic will come on your blog, you can earn money accordingly.

But if you are using such keywords that are getting only 20 or 50 visitors of the month, then you will not get much benefit even if your blog ranks first on its keyword.

Traffic = Money ($)

The ultimate goal of a blog is to earn money and to earn more money you need more and more traffic. Therefore, in keyword research, you select a keyword whose search volume is high.

Keyword Competition

All blogs or websites want to bring traffic to their post/page, so the higher the demand for the keyword, the more the site will use it in their blog. There are many authority sites in which it is impossible for a new blogger to beat in the ranking. So whenever you choose a keyword for your post, always select a less competitive keyword.

Only 8 to 10 results show on the first page of Google and out of them, the first 3 posts get the most traffic. If you use a keyword with high competition, then your post will not rank in Google, due to which organic traffic will not come.

It is best for a new blogger that you always write a post targeting the low or medium competition keyword.

Find Profitable Keywords

AdSense is the main source to earn money from Blogs. The ads shown by Adsense in your blog work on the CPC model. How much money you will get for clicking on ads depends on how much advertisers bid on a particular keyword. So choose a keyword that is profitable and whose CPC is good.

You can always earn more money not only by high volume keyword but also with low volume and high CPC keyword.


We rank our post in search engines through SEO. Search engines like Google work under an algorithm, that is, if we are able to explain that algorithm what our post is about and which keyword to rank on, then the rank of your post will improve.

How to do keyword research:

Generally, keyword research is a time-consuming process and there is no one particular method. Right now there are many such tools available on the internet with the help of which blogger conducts keyword research. Some of them are free but for most tools, you have to pay.

If you do not have money to invest, then Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest is the best free keyword research tool. Most bloggers use it only and if you have money then SEMrush and Ahrefs is the best tool for keyword research right now.

In Keyword Research, we have to find such keywords on which traffic is good, competition in them is less and no authority site is ranking above that keyword.

Benefits of keyword research:

  • If you write every post by doing Keyword Research, then your blog will gain maximum targeted traffic and your post will soon be ranked in Google.
  • The more your posts will be ranked in Search Engine. The higher the domain authority of your site will be.
  • With the help of Keyword Research, you will also get ideas for the content of your blog.
  • With Keyword Research, you can rank your blog for special keywords.
  • The more people your post reaches, the more your posts will be shared and the more traffic will come on it.
  • With the help of Keyword Research, you can know what is the competition of any Particular Keyword and how much effort you need to gain high traffic.
  • The more keywords your site will rank in Google, the higher its ranking will increase.
  • If you want more organic traffic from google search engines then you should do a keyword search.
  • The traffic you will get by ranking Keyword in google earns more from both ads and affiliate market.

Keyword Research is an art, you cannot learn it in 1 or 2 days. You will get better at this with experience. No matter how good your article is, if it does not have good keywords, it will not reach its targeted audience.

Backlinko founder Brian Dean says that “without keywords, there is no such thing as SEO.”

The SEO of a post works only when you give it the right keyword. You should focus on keywords with High search volume keyword, Low Keyword Difficulty, and High CTR. We should always choose such keywords which are related to our niche.

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