What is Medium? How can make money on Medium?

Medium is a content platform founded by Ev Williams and Jason Goldman, both are original founders of Twitter and you can see this reflected in some aspects of the platform.

It allows content to be both easily created and consumed, and is strongly influenced by social media in terms of helping the content get distributed (follows, shares, etc.).

It is one of the newest entrant into blogging and has its own set of relevance. Here are 10 reasons why you should publish on Medium.

Make money on Medium?

With Medium’s introduction of their Partner Program, you can make money based on the engagement of your posts.

A few things to keep in mind:

• In order to apply to the Partner Program, you have to be a member of Medium, which means paying $5 per month for exclusive content and other perks.

• You also have to be accepted into the Partner Program, which means you should start developing your body of work now.

• Once you are accepted, the posts your submit to the Partner Program will only be viewable by other Medium members. You are essentially sacrificing visibility for the chance to make money.

• The amount you make is determined by a combination of views, reads, claps, and a few other metrics of engagement.

• Personally, I try and keep an equal balance between submitting exclusive articles to the Partner Program, publishing on my own publication, and submitting to more popular publications.

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