What is Off Page SEO ?

What is Off Page SEO ?

Off-site Optimization is optimized outside the site. Maybe you can wake up the question, what’s the site optimized or SEO again? This is the link to your site in the post of various social sites, posting on another site or blog, or posting your site in the comments below. Visitors to your site are getting Off Page Optimization

Follow the example below.
Think, you have Facebook, Google + or Twitter account. Now, if you share your site with those posts on those social sites, then you will definitely find the site visitors.
For example, suppose you have a Facebook group or fan page. Now, if you type in a group or fan page on your site with a part of a post – “go to this link for details”, then many people will visit the link provided to read the post. You will find the visitor.
You are not receiving a search engine from the page or group that visitors are getting. Rather, the visitors who get yourself via postal (backlink) are the off-page optimization.

Why Do Off-Page Optimization?
The main content of SEO is to make the on-site optimization first and secondly, the site will show up on search engines in search results, which is the work of off-page optimization. 75% of SEO work is done in off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is like a lot of promotion or publicity. As much as you can to promote, the backlink will spread. This will be effective for your site. The search engine will give importance to the search results during your site Crayle, depending on off-page optimization or backlink. Off-page optimization boosts a site’s ranking, increases the site’s repatriation, and receives lots of visitors … ..etc.

Today, how do you optimize your page for your page?

The tasks we have to do for op-page optimization are:

1. Directory Submission
2. Share links on social media sites
3. Video Marketing
4. Forum Posting
5. Document Sharing
6. RSS Feed Submission
7. Press Release
8. Guest Posting
9. Article Submission
10. Blog comments

1. Directory submission:
Many people think that, with the submission of the Directory, the high-quality backlink is not possible as before. But if you submit directory, you will get a high-quality backlink. Keep in mind that before submitting the directory, you must check that the directory is the high page rank, Alexa Rank, the domain authority and the page authority.

2. Sharing links to social media sites:
Sharing your site links on different social media sites, the referral visitor to your site/blog is available on Social Media sharing. It’s not a referral visitor but rather plays a lot in increasing your site/blog ranking search engine. Moreover, high-quality backlinks can be found through the social media site. We understand social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ …… In addition to these, there are many social media sites. From which you can easily increase backlink.

3. Video Marketing:
Video Marketing is another popular method to backlink high quality. Depending on the content of your blog/site, create a few video tutorials. Then publish them on a popular video sharing sites (eg Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Veoh … etc …), so there you will find plenty of backlinks for your site.

4. Forum Posting:
The oldest and most popular means of creating backlinks is Forum Posting. Many believe that backlinks to the forum or SEO do not work. If you are able to post a forum, backlinks to the forum will serve as the high-quality backlink.
To get the backlink in the forum posting, you have to work a lot. And remember, do not always post in all forums.

5. Document Sharing:
You can publish some ebooks, pdf files, and presentations on your blog/site, and publish them on the various high page rank, Alexa Rank, and the domain authority’s documents sharing site. When creating documents, give your site a link inside the document. Then you will get high-quality backlink easily.
6. RSS Feed Submission:
There are many sites like Directory Site, where you can publish RSS Feed links to your blog. As a result, when you publish a new post on your blog, automatically link the link to the RSS Feed directory and you will get quality backlink.
7. Press Release Submission:
This is also an old method, which plays an important role in getting high-quality backlinks. You need to find the High Page Rank and the Domain Authority Press Release site. Then those sites will have to submit Unique Press Release to your blog/site. It is very easy to express.
8. Guest Posting:
In many cases, guest posting is much harder than article submission. If you do not write good quality content and do not have good communication with other bloggers, then you will not get high-quality backlink by posting guest on a good site/blog. So, to post the best, you must be a good content writer and keep in touch with bloggers. Find out your site’s niche related blog/site by searching Google, where Guest Post is easy to publish.
9. Article Submission:
One of the most important means for high-quality backlinks is Article Submission. If you are new to SEO at once, it might be a little harder for you. Because- Good quality content for article submission is to be a writer. Besides, it is a bit more tolerant and time is needed.
10. Blog Comments:
The high-quality backlink is the main source of the blog or site comments. You can easily find high-quality backlinks via blog/site comments, blog/site comments according to your blog/site’s niche. If you comment on your site on other blogs/sites, then you can get a lot of referral visitors from there.

There are also many more jobs that we will share next to our needs.


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