What is On Page SEO ?

Generally, we know that the search engine is divided into two parts.

1.On-Page Optimization

2. Off-page optimization

On-page optimization, the optimization within the web page for getting good results in search engines is called on-page optimization.

By analyzing a little bit, we upload a lot of things on our webpage such as: (music, video, article, etc.), search engine optimization, and search engine optimization. All of our web pages are usually tagged with tags, backlinks, beautiful titles etc. On-page optimization is done.

Basic topics of on-page optimization

Some of the basic topics of on-page optimization, which are known to us, are the benefits of our optimization.

The topics are as follows:

1.Meta tag use

2. Use the keyword tag

3. Use Title Tag

4.ALT tag use

5.Description tags use

6.HEADER use tags

7. Promote rich content in Kee ward

8. Creating sitemaps etc.

If you know and understand the above topics, you will be able to have your on-page optimization.

On-page optimization requirements

On-page optimization is a very important topic in a website. Why the website is not able to understand why the website is not able to optimize on-page optimization, the website has lost its rank in the search engine. For this, the on-page optimization proliferation is unlimited for keeping the website’s ranking well.

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