What is Photoshop?

Photoshop can be started just like other applications. First, start> All Program / Program> Adobe PhotoshopCS or Windows key + R | from the taskbar Run command will come here in front of you Photoshop and enter it. In a while, a screen of Adobe Photoshop will appear in front of you.

What is Photoshop? 2

Hopefully, you get familiar with each of the Adobe Photoshop screens by clicking on the above image.

Title Bar


At the top of the Adobe Photoshop screen, the title bar is located, which means that the name of the document with Adobe Photoshop is called the title bar. The job is to hold the name of the document.

Menu Bar


File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, Windows, Help, right below the title bar, say each of these 9 menus and these menus are inserted on a bar, which is called menu bar. Under each of these menus, there are a number of sub-menus that we can use to promote our work.

Tools Box

The toolbox is the default on the left side of the Adobe Photoshop screen. When we work as a mason, we can create a building just by using various instruments like Kanti, Watertelwel, Usha, Scro-Gauge, Hammer, Shabal etc. Move Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool, Lasso Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Crop Design the graphics using tools and so on. You can keep this toolbox both visible and hidden. Later we will know this through expansive discussions while working.

Zoom indicator


Here’s how much zoom in the current document is seen from here. Its position is at the bottom of the toolbar and the left side of the status bar. Click here to enter a specific% zoom and enter your document zoom into %. It’s a simple way to handle zoom in your own way.

Status Bar

Any work is going on in the running document, the information related to the use of a tool, etc. can be found through the status bar. It’s position right next to the zoom indicator right next to the document.

Task Bar

The vertical bars in the lower left corner of the desktop, from the left to the right, are the taskbar. When we minimize the work, all of these tasks are submitted to the taskbar and clicking here again when necessary, the work is maximized.



We have to work with the help of the palette to make the design vibrant and very easy. As soon as you turn on Photoshop, you can not have all the palettes in your window, in order to bring you the necessary palettes, go to the window menu and click on the palette’s name to get the palette. The palettes are located on the right side of the default, but you can drag them and move them to the location you want.

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