What is seo ? (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a method by which anyone can use a search engine to convey a website free to everyone. Seo SEO is a short-term search engine optimization. Increasing the use of the internet is increasing the popularity of search engine optimization (SEO) or SEO. Many are using it as a freelancing job. Besides, there is a need to increase the identity of blogs for those who manage the blog. The importance of SEO to sustain a business on the internet is immense.

The main objectives of search engine optimization include:

1. Make a site easily accessible to everyone.
2. Increase fidelity for a web site.
3. Increase the site visitor or traffic.
4. Different types of income from online works as a platform.
5. Work as a solid foundation for the exchange of information and competition.

How search engines work: Search engines have been created, to find people’s information. That’s why some search engines have made some programs so that some search engines find the best information available. Which brings some of the top sites to the front of the site by comparing some of the sites. To select the best site, they see whether the website is quality, whether the website information is suitable for everyone, how the website is popular. These show results in some more topics.

Crawling: Through web crawling When Googlebot collects a page, the links found on this page are added to its crawling list. In this way a link comes in countless times. But Googlebot dropped them
Creates a list with which to cover the entire web at the shortest possible time. This system is called deep crawling. One of the main responsibilities of Googlebots is to determine how quickly a page changes.
This is most important for keeping the Google database up to date. Googlebot brings out a revision of a page, and it is determined as to how long a time after Googlebot crawls a page. The reason that the page changes once a month is nothing but a loss of crawling time after a few hours. This crawling of updating the database is called Fresh Crawling.

Index: Google index is relatively easy to work with. Googlebot indexer gives flowers text of pages crawled. Indexes the search terms in alphabetical order. And save where no word is there. There are some changes and brought to the pages. Some punctuation marks are omitted. If there is more space than one, they are also excluded. In English, uppercase letters are replaced with lower case letters.

Google Query Processors: This is the last part. This is our search result processing. The queue processors are divided into several parts. User Interface, Query Engine, Result Format, etc. Google’s Web Page Ranking System Pagerank The page number of that page is as high as the search result. Since Googlebot is a page code and crawling with text, the user can specify the position of the search term that it will remain in the link, not in the title but in the text. Google’s search results are so advanced because of not only the results of the term based on the presence of the term.

The names of some of the famous search engines are: google, yahoo, bing, etc. On these sites, if you click on a search box by entering a word search box, links to many websites within a few seconds, which links to the desired results.

Search engine optimization is a very important thing for web developers. Quality traffic comes from the search engine on the blog as the blog ads become friendly, the reader is satisfied and benefited from the advertisements from the blogger. The process is not limited to this only. There are many more benefits available.

Search engine optimization basically happens through two steps-
1. On-page optimization
2. Off-page optimization

1) On-page optimization: The optimization that we make in blogs or web pages is called on-page optimization. On-page optimization is important in finding the right keyword and its use, using meta tags, using title tags, using description tags, creating key content rich content and XML sitemap etc.

2) Off-page optimization: Off-page optimization is a very important and permanent search engine optimization through which a site can be included in the first row of search engines in competitive ranking. Off-page optimization is usually done through improved backlink, article marketing, forum posting, etc. Off-page optimization will not only be used on a single page but will also be used on your entire blog, which means that your backlink will increase and page rank will increase.

So try the site’s containers to be a bit different from other sites. After that, add some popular key-terms to your content page according to your content.

As SEO or search engine optimization, we understand the simplest way to create a good relationship with the website with search engines. Without a search engine optimization, a website is never full, because there is no substitute for the creation of millions of sites in the first row.

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