What is the all time best Telugu movie ?

I watched more than 500 Telugu movies and hence, my answer may provide you some insights.

  1. Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava- This movie falls in the genre of action drama.

The young scion of a powerful family that has a long legacy of violence decides to put an end to the bloodshed – a journey that will also take him down a path of self-discovery.

2. Fidha-This movie falls into the genre of Romance.

Two young people embark on a winding and rocky path to love after meeting at a wedding.

3. Ninu Kori-This movie falls into the genre of Romance

Separated by circumstance, two lovers reconnect years later when one of them is happily married to another.

4. Ekkadiki Pothav Chinnavada-This movie falls into the genre of Supernatural-Romantic-Thriller.

Arjun, a young man, falls in love with Nithya. However, things complicate when he discovers she is possessed by an evil spirit.

5. Manam-This movie falls into the genre of Drama.

A married couple die in an accident, leaving behind a son. As he grows up and becomes successful, he comes across reincarnations of his father and mother as youngsters, and vows to bring them back together.

6. Bussinessman-This movie falls into the genre of Action/Romance.

A highly ambitious man comes to Mumbai with the idea of ruling the city. He turns into a local gangster and goes on to become a powerful businessman, whose intentions are not what they seem

7. Vedam-This movie falls into the genre of Drama/World Cinema.

Raju, Saroja, Ramulu, Vivek, and Raheemuddin come from different walks of life. Their lives get intertwined when they find themselves in a hospital that is hijacked by terrorists.

8. Ready-This movie falls into the genre of Action Entertainer.

Chandu, an engineering student, lives an independent life. He falls in love with Pooja and plans to marry her with his family’s consent, but there’s someone casting a spell on her happiness.

More movie list

Classic Movies (Best combination of Story, Performances and Technical values)

  1. Bhakta Prahlada (1931)
  2. Maala Pilla (1938)
  3. Devadasu
  4. Mayabazaar
  5. Gundamma Katha
  6. Sankarabharanam
  7. Missamma
  8. Pathala Bhairavi
  9. Alluri Sita Rama Raju
  10. Daana Veera Shoora Karna
  11. Aha Naa Pellanta (1987)
  12. Sagara Sangamam
  13. Annamayya

Artistic Movies (Brilliant movies of that time)

  1. Rudra Veena
  2. Seethakoka Chiluka (1981)
  3. Chanti
  4. Sindhooram
  5. Aditya 369
  6. Manam
  7. Aa Naluguru
  8. Gamyam
  9. Eega
  10. Prasthanam
  11. Kanche

Entertainers (Remarkable movies that are both successful and influenced the trend)

  1. Dasara Bullodu
  2. Adavi Ramudu
  3. Premabhishekam
  4. Khaidi
  5. Yamudiki Mogudu
  6. Shiva
  7. Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari
  8. Gang Leader
  9. Satya
  10. Gharana Mogudu
  11. Peda Rayudu
  12. Samara Simha Reddy
  13. Pokiri
  14. Attarintiki Daredi
  15. Nuvve Kavali
  16. Tholi Prema
  17. Magadheera
  18. Bommarillu
  19. Bahubali

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