What is the best way to grow a Facebook group?


What is a group?

A group is a zone where where facebook users can share posts according to a common interest and get updates without the need of becoming friends with every member. Relationships in the group are symmetrical. Groups allow for a custom url and posts from emails (email must be the main facebook for the member’s email account).

Some users are members of 495 groups, some of only 10. Still, it is up to the moderators/admins of the group to make it stand out, disregarding of how many members it may have. The key is on the community’s engagement at every post.

I would say that growing your facebook Groups is rather similar to SEO activities for your website: quality content, people engagement and promotion.

How? If you are producing quality content useful to people, sharing in the group, helping them by answering their questions, giving them away practical experiences in the field they are interested in… they will give you back by promoting your group. They will promote it among their friends, on various other groups/social networks, forums as they are very satisfied with the group and help they get.

Of course, you have to promote it too, in various channels, different occasions related to topics you promote in your group. But you mustn’t be pushy, aggressive, etc. as you would get contra-effect and reject people from the group instead attracting them in.

Think of the process of attracting people in your group as usual conversation with the new people you meet in your life: if you are aggressive, talking too much, loud, not listening what they have to say (instead of listening to your voice), you won’t make any good impression to that person… and they won’t even bother to listen to what do you have to offer them in a sense of useful info, your experiences, how to do something… they will just wait to run away from you.

10 Ways to grow a facebook group

  1. Providing unique content
  2. Providing high quality content
  3. Moderating debates
  4. Restricting excessive/spamming/redundant posts
  5. Keeping everything updated
  6. Steering the group’s direction towards what their members need
  7. Sharing moderation with other regular contributors
  8. Not promoting your services directly in any way
  9. Deleting old/not updated posts
  10. Proposing monthly challanges/topics to discuss on.

How to profit from a facebook group?

  • You can earn a reputation by being the main admin of a group, that can help you in you path as a freelancer.
  • You could offer someone whose business is related somehow to your group the chance to host a contest/raffle at  your group.
  • You could organize an event and invite groups’ members.


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