What is the best way to monetize a new blog?

Before you start the blog, first decide on the topic in order to target the relevant target keywords. Place the target keyword in both domain name and blog title or H1 header.

Remember that the first impression is what contributes to turning a click into a visitor and ultimately a buyer. Like a blog post featured image for instance, does the image address the identified need? Does it summarize the post content, and create curiosity to want to know more?

Blog post content must contain transition words, and sub headers. Followed by no more than 300 words before each sub header. But to explain all the SEO blog tactics cannot be done in a single answer, therefore I strongly suggest you install the Yoast SEO premium plugin for WordPress

Google Adsense

Going to Google Adsense and setting up an account with them is the easiest way to earn money, but it also had the smallest payout.

If you have a few posts already, go to Google Adsense and sign-up for an account. It’ll take a few days for them to review your site. If your site does not qualify, just wait a week or so and write a few more posts and resubmit.

Once you do get in, you’ll be able to look for different banners you can put on your website. You’ll get a piece of code that you out into your widget section or wherever else you like.

These ads pay via click so unless you have 10s of thousands of visitors, you’ll be earning cents.

There are other platforms like Google Adsense but adsense is by far the most popular.

Affiliate Marketing

With this one, you’re basically promoting someone else’s product and when your readers buy that product via your link, you get a commission.

What you should do is write reviews on a certain product and then spread affiliate links throughout the post.

This one pays out a lot higher than Adsense. Depending on the product, you can earn commissions as low as 1% to even 100%.

Rent you blog space:

This is profitable only if your blog has super huge traffic (at least 50,000 unique visitors a month) , if yes then you’re one more medium away from shooting up your revenue. Be open for advertising on your blog, where in like people with like products would approach you for advertising their product on your blog. Price is completely on you, depending upon various factor like duration of ad, size of ad banner and your traffic you have to decide the price.

Sell products & services

 This is home made technique for growing your business. Build a brand, reach maximum people and sell products & services to them. Like most others do, it’s orthodox it’s effective. But for this your blog will need to reach the first page of the search result, if not first at least second. Because study says 80% of users end their search in second page and they do not open third page. So it’s pointless having a business until you reach first two pages of search result. You will need to optimize your content so as to reach that position.


Another method you can adopt to promote other people’s products and services is to do some sponsored posts and brand sponsorships on your blog. Payment for these are fairly higher than that of ads and range from cash to items. Yet, just as I’ve mentioned earlier, there is a smarter way to get better results to monetize your blog…rather than working for others.

Don’t get me wrong though, occasionally you could do some sponsored posts and brand sponsorships and on your blog. The key word is occasionally, so don’t go making it your sole method to monetize your blog.

And with most brands, it’s all about the numbers, not necessarily the people you’re going to have an impact on. Why then would you want to get involved if you’re just increasing the statistics? Rather than solely working for someone else who wouldn’t appreciate your effort, secure your freedom to do what you love while leaving an impact, even if it’s a smaller audience.

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