What is the full form of etc.?

Et cetera is a Latin term which is used on the places where we want to say “and other things” or “and so on. The term et cetera is generally written in short form as etc. This Latin word is adopted in English too and used to indicate continuance of a series with similar items.

For example: If you are a stationary shop keeper, you can say that you sell pen, pencil, note books, eraser etc. It allows you avoid giving a complete list of similar items as it won?t be easy for the shopkeeper to include each item or all similar items in a sentence or a list. In lists where you use ?etc? you need to make sure that all the listed items are similar or belong to one another.

Other Full Forms of ETC

ETC: Electronic Toll Collection

ETC: Evil Type Correction

ETC: Experiment Test Cycle

ETC: Earth Terrain Camera

ETC: Estimated Time of Completion

ETC: Engine Test Cell

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