What is the full form of SPS?

To be frank I am pretty new to this acronym. But while checking almost 200+ acronym representation for this. Please check here for the complete list as mentioned below.

  1. Society of Physics Students
  2. Standard Procurement System (US DoD)
  3. San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
  4. Special (Weather) Statement
  5. Springfield Public Schools (Missouri)
  6. Suicide Prevention Services of America
  7. St. Paul’s School
  8. Salaried Professional Service
  9. Switching Power Supply
  10. School of Public Service (various locations)
  11. Self-Protection System (defensive systems upgrade to USAF HH-60G helicopters; circa 2000)
  12. Single Payment Scheme (UK)
  13. Southwestern Public Service
  14. School of Professional Studies (various schools)
  15. Spare Parts Service (various locations)
  16. Security and Public Safety (various locations)
  17. Sage Payment Solutions (Sage Software)
  18. Super Proton Synchrotron (at CERN)
  19. Shock Protection System
  20. Stiff Person Syndrome
  21. Sharpshooter
  22. Suffolk Public Schools (Virginia)
  23. Scottish Prison Service (UK)
  24. Sharepoint Portal Server (Microsoft product)
  25. Sport and Society
  26. Signal Processing Society
  27. Subsea Production Systems
  28. Signal Processing System
  29. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards
  30. Sewage Pumping Station
  31. Satellite Power System
  32. Secondary Power (Distribution) System
  33. Syndiotactic Polystyrene
  34. Select Portfolio Servicing (mortgages; various locations)
  35. Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung (German; programmable logic controller)
  36. Sigma Pi Sigma (physics honor society)
  37. Saskatoon Police Service (Saskatchewan, Canada)
  38. Standard Positioning Service
  39. Southern Partnership Station (US Navy)
  40. Specific Pavement Studies
  41. Strategic Planning Society
  42. Saskatoon Public Schools (Saskatchewan, Canada)
  43. Special Services
  44. Semiconductor Products Sector (Motorola)
  45. Security Police Squadron
  46. Socialist Party of Serbia (political party created in 1989 in Serbia Yugoslavia)
  47. Sandwich Plate System
  48. Student Personnel Services (aka Guidance Counselors)
  49. Satellite Positioning System
  50. School of Policy Studies (Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada)
  51. Semi-Persistent Scheduling
  52. Special Programme in Science (est. 1996; Singapore)
  53. Standby Power Supply
  54. Software Product Services
  55. Signaling Protocols and Switching
  56. Service Packs
  57. Suzuki Power System
  58. Sequence Parameter Set
  59. Superscript
  60. Scalable Port Switch
  61. Storage Processors
  62. Security Panel System
  63. Sun Preventive Services
  64. Scan Point Status
  65. Sub Ports
  66. Spool Printing System
  67. Signaling Points
  68. Sharepoint Portal Server
  69. Session Presentation Services
  70. Smart Power Saving
  71. Shared Product Space
  72. Signal Processing Studio
  73. Service Providers
  74. System Protection Scheme (various companies)
  75. Sodium Polyanethol Sulfonate
  76. Shots Per Second (combat statistics)
  77. School Performance Score
  78. Simple Partial Seizure
  79. Service Provisioning System
  80. Symbols Per Second (digital communications)
  81. Shingles Prevention Study (clinical study)
  82. Seat Position Sensor
  83. Single Property Site (real estate)
  84. Shaking Puppy Syndrome (canine medical condition)
  85. Special Purpose Ship
  86. Surface Plasmon Spectroscopy
  87. System Performance Specification
  88. Sandvik Process Systems (Sandvik Group; Sweden)
  89. Social Protection Strategy (various locations)
  90. System Performance Simulation
  91. Secure Packet Shield
  92. Standard Positioning System
  93. Service Propulsion System (Apollo spacecraft)
  94. Service Provider Solutions (various companies)
  95. Serbian Socialist Party (Serbia and Montenegro)
  96. Snecma Propulsion Solide (France)
  97. Symposium on Privacy and Security (computer security)
  98. Sécurité et Protection de La Santé (French: Safety and Health Protection)
  99. Social and Political Sciences (University of Cambridge)
  100. Strategic Policy Statement (various organizations)
  101. Society for Pentecostal Studies (Cleveland, TN)
  102. Society for Psychoanalytic Studies (American Psychological Association)
  103. Software Preservation Society (formerly Classic Amiga Preservation Society)
  104. Second Person Shooter (gaming)
  105. Special Protection System
  106. Signal Processing Subsystem
  107. Supportive Professional Staff (Northern Illinois University)
  108. Software Product Specification
  109. Standby Power System
  110. Substantive Policy Statement (Arizona)
  111. Single Phase Standard
  112. Surface Preparation System
  113. Strategic Problem Solving
  114. Scandinavian Physiological Society (est. 1925)
  115. Student Photographic Society (Atlanta, GA)
  116. Secondary Propulsion System (spacecraft)
  117. Structural Preservation Systems (est. 1976)
  118. Storage Products Services (est. 1955; Scotland, UK)
  119. Signal Processor Subsystem
  120. Small-Polyped Stony Corals
  121. Statewide Public Service (Alaska)
  122. Suntory Publicity Service Limited (Japan)
  123. Synergy Professional Services (Portland, OR)
  124. Sales Performance Solutions
  125. Single-Photon Source
  126. Sony Play Station
  127. Symantec Product Specialist
  128. Smart Printing Services (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP)
  129. Sand Pine Scrub (ecosystem; Flordia)
  130. Scranton Preparatory School (Scranton, PA)
  131. Satellite Processing System
  132. Stand-by Power Supply
  133. Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy
  134. South Park Studios
  135. Shand Power Station
  136. Shanghai Port Surcharge
  137. Supplementary Purchase Specification
  138. Solar Powered Satellite
  139. Spectrum Planning Subcommittee
  140. Signalling Protocols and Switching
  141. Shuttle Procedures Simulator (US NASA)
  142. Software Productivity Solutions, Inc.
  143. Small Penis Syndrome (psychological condition)
  144. Spokane, Portland, and Seattle (railroad)
  145. Stall Protection System (aviation)
  146. Sun Preventive Services (Sun Microsystems)
  147. Soyuz Pravykh Sil (Russia: Union of Rightist Forces)
  148. St. Patrick’s Missionary Society (religious order)
  149. School of Practical Science (University of Toronto)
  150. Wichita Falls, TX, USA – Wichita Falls Municipal (Airport Code)
  151. Small Purchase System
  152. Southfield Public Schools
  153. Special Projects Section (California Highway Patrol)
  154. State Permit System
  155. Specific Purpose Statement (public speaking)
  156. Shell People Services
  157. Statement of Prior Submission
  158. Short Person Syndrome
  159. Static Priority Scheduling
  160. Safety Performance Solutions, Inc. (Blacksburg, VA, USA)
  161. Surface Plasma Source
  162. Sozialdemokratische Partei Schweiz (Swiss Social Democrat Party)
  163. Specialist, Personnel Supervisor (US Navy)
  164. Sensor Processing Subsystem
  165. Salvationist Publishing & Supplies
  166. Sembawang Primary School (Singapore)
  167. Skin Pharmacology Society
  168. Small Patella Syndrome
  169. Self Praise Stinks
  170. Single Parameter Scaling
  171. Socialist Party of Switzerland
  172. Standby Power Source
  173. Spikey Polygon Syndrome
  174. Society of Polymer Science
  175. Single Point Solution
  176. Sound-Processing Software
  177. Student Payment Summary (student loans)
  178. Single Point of Service
  179. Special Periodical Survey
  180. Stamford Primary School (Singapore)
  181. Spatial Power Spectrum
  182. Spring Pressure Pilot
  183. Somers Public Schools (Connecticut)
  184. Supplier Problem Sheet
  185. Ship Planning System
  186. Special Project Support
  187. Society for Preserving Skule (University of Toronto)
  188. Sonobouy Processing System (Canadian Navy)
  189. Safety Precedence Sequence
  190. Shuqun Primary School (Singapore)
  191. Symbolic Programming Language (1960s IBM computer language; preceded Autocoder)
  192. Structured Postscript
  193. Submission Processing Site
  194. Sprint Plus Services
  195. Simplified Processing Station
  196. Spanish Philatelic Society
  197. Single Point Stick (walking stick)
  198. System Performance Specialist (FAA)
  199. Software Procurement Specification
  200. Spam Prevention System (Trend Micro)
  201. Semitic Phlegm Syndrome (Chanukah)
  202. Solarcom Partner Services (Norcross, GA)
  203. Support Processing Subsystem
  204. Shaggy Pun Syndrome
  205. Schedule Promulgated Separately
  206. Special Purpose Sonar
  207. Satellite Principal System
  208. Steam Pressure Switch
  209. Shipboard Radar Search
  210. Software Professional Solutions, Inc
  211. Specialist, Shore Patrol and Security (US Navy)
  212. Sharing Profile System
  213. Surveys and Population Studies
  214. Spot on Sand (surveying)
  215. Single Photoelectron Spectrum
  216. Spellsinger Class (game)
  217. Special Project Superintendent
  218. Survival Power Source
  219. Statement of Prior Submmission
  220. Substantive Production Subcommittee
  221. Special Purpose Segment
  222. Statistical Performance Standard
  223. Sample(s) per Second (also seen as S/S)

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