What Is Tik tok vs Youtube ?

It shouldn’t be TikTok vs YouTube. On the surface, it looks like a fight between two people or two platforms but people are taking it in a very different way.

Content Quality: I am not on TikTok also I don’t follow Youtubers. Does it make both the platform bad? No, It’s my individual choice. All the platforms have a different type of users and content and there is an audience for every type of content then who are we to blame these platforms or content creators?

Content Originality: There is no such thing which 100% original. We all inspire each other. People who are saying content on TikTok is not original then how can they support CarryMinati? Doesn’t he use other’s video/content to roast them?

Why this hate against TikTok?

Socioeconomic Status: Making videos on TikTok is quite simple and doesn’t require much effort and people (Viewers) who are on TikTok are only for fun & enjoyment. So, considering the audience and easiness of the platform it’s for everyone be it a village person, a housewife, or anyone who just knows how to record a video.

Meanwhile, creating content for YouTube requires time & effort which is not possible for everyone also getting views/followers are tough on YouTube.

People who don’t use TikTok consider TikTok users inferior & less educated/talented compare to them & they can’t accept the fact that their videos are seen by millions of people (even if it’s not providing any value).

But my question is why? I don’t like TikTok but if someone is getting followed by 20 million users then there is a demand for his/her content. It’s the app with most downloads then who am I to judge the choice of those people who are getting entertained with the content available on TikTok.

If you are not liking TikTok then don’t use it, block all the people who share TikTok video but banning or bringing the rating down won’t solve anything.

Religion: It’s hard to admit but the way I am seeing it many people who are demanding to ban TikTok have problems with only selective users. Also, on TikTok many top creators are Muslim and we all know the atmosphere of our country. So this might be also adding fuel to this controversy.

Fake Nationalism: Many people are uninstalling the app because it’s developed by a Chinese company ignoring the fact that how much we import from China.

My Opinion:

YouTube and TikTok are completely different platform and any comparison between them is pure wrong. Quality of any content depends on the respective audience and both platforms have different sets of audiences. One simply can’t abuse the other because they are not liking or enjoying the content available on that platform.

People from small cities or villages, don’t know much about Quora as well & it’s not much of value for them but they are not demanding to ban Quora are they?

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