What is TikTok ? a to Z information !

TikTok may be a social network where the posts contains short videos most of the time with music that are looped. it’s a almost mobile only app and seems to be very fashionable for younger users (like from 12–25 or something). it’s operated by a Chinese company that also bought the app musical-ly which was very fashionable for lipsynching and dancing to music.

TikTok may be a short-form video-sharing application that permits users to make and share 15-second videos on any topic.

TikTok maintains a separate application for the Chinese market, referred to as Duyin, which has quite 300 million monthly active users. The new app’s logo may be a combination of the Musical.ly and Duyin logos.

How to apply TikTok platform?

  • First and foremost the service provides with hundreds of approaches to build your own tune videos. Audience should only choose a track from a variety of presented options. Then they can simply apply multiple TikTok tools to record a super cool clips. Great stickers, various play speed together with other amazing instruments are at your disposal.
  • People are welcome to watch videos of different TikTok users, and to express their opinions on those pieces of art. There are multiple options: “like” videos, send them to your friends on TikTok, write comments, etc.
  • Its search tool is unbelievable: with only one click users can find videos they are looking for. People really enjoy sharing best creations with TikTok audience that is expanding so fast.

What TikTok app ?

TikTok refers to a particular platform that suits diverse mobile options – Android and iOS operation services. It serves for posting music videos (about 15 seconds long). Simply saying, TikTok is quite video version of Twitter. The approach is analogous .

TikTok is such practical tool for users to exchange their creations, or simply cheerful situations, with their friends and not only. Given music service presents audience great functionalities, like, multiple editing instruments, hundreds free-of-charge tracks, various beauty effects, stickers, etc. People really enjoy its on-air broadcasts. They happily check videos and exchange reactions. TikTok exposes amazing opportunities.

TikTok  few tips

  • Have great lighting: Videos should be bright as that’s what attracts other people. So take them in natural light by going outside or standing near a window.
  • Be consistent: Post at least twice a day as the more you post, the more people start taking notice of your awesome profile. And bring more variety to the content you post.
  • Use hashtags: Use a lot of hashtags that suit your content and make your video more visible to people who are searching for similar content. You can also click at the SEARCH option to know what are the trending hashtags.
  • Do Collabs: This would help you to gain Tik Tok followers from other accounts and thus widen your reach.
  • Check Post Time: Keep note of time when your audience would be awake like at late night or early mornings most of the users would not be active on TikTok so your content would not reach many people.

Features of TikTok 

  • Short Musical Clips
  • Exceptional Effects
  • Share in Social media
  • Privacy Settings
  • Account Deletion
  • Private Messaging
  • Parental guidance

What makes TikTok different from every other social media app?

According to parent company ByteDance’s website, it’s “one of the first companies to launch mobile-first products powered by machine learning technology.” Further, it was founded in an effort “to combine the power of artificial intelligence with the growth of mobile internet to revolutionize the way people consume and receive information.”

How To start With TikTok ?

Here you’ll find out how you’ll make a video and post it using the TikTok app. TikTok may be a very fashionable social media app for brief videos and once you create a video you’ve got the selection of creating it either up to fifteen seconds or up to 60 seconds.

Create your TikTok Account ?

You will got to download TikTok for your iOS or Android device first. After installing the app you’ll got to create a free account. you’ll receive variety of prompts to try to to this within the app. it’s possible to make an account using your existing Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts or with an email address.

It is possible to make a replacement TikTok account using your mobile number also . you’ll got to verify your new account then you’ll change your profile name. The app will make sure the name you select is exclusive .

Watch some Videos

After creating your account you’ll see the page to look at videos. If you actually enjoy a specific video you’ll tap on the guts icon which is that the same as giving a “like” with other platforms. you furthermore may have the chance to go away comments if you would like . there’s a “share” feature too so you’ll send the video to other social media platforms.

On the left of the video you’ll see an icon for the video creator’s profile. Tap on this then you’ll mention their profile page. Once here ready to “> you’ll prefer to follow this profile in order that you’ll be able to see their future videos.

The TikTok Menu Bar

The menu bar for TikTok is at rock bottom of the screen. you’ll see 5 icons on the menu bar. the primary may be a house shape and once you tap on this you’ll refresh your “For You” page which can use AI technology to present you with recommended videos to observe supported your history with the app.

Next along on the menu bar is that the hand glass which takes you to the search function. With this you’ll look for specific TikTok user’s content, search by keyword or by hashtag. subsequent icon on the menu bar may be a “+” which you’ll use to upload your own video creations.

The last 2 icons on the menu bar are “Notifications” and an individual outline which takes you to your profile page. On your profile page you’ll be ready to see all of the videos that you simply have uploaded to TikTok.

You can also change your privacy settings within your profile page. There are three dots within the upper right corner of this page where you’ll change your account to non-public if you would like . All new accounts are created as public by default.

It is also possible to specify only certain TikTok users to look at your videos and to go away comments on your content. you’ll also edit your current profile including the outline and even the username. If you’re a business and need to use TikTok for marketing then you’ll change to a professional account from your profile page.

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