What is VFX? A to Z information

In this post today, I will answer all your questions What is VFX? A to Z information.

If you have seen Bahubali or Rajinikanth’s robot and 2.0, then you must have thought at once that how the heroes of this film act so well or how do they take such a difficult step?

Since a very top level thing is shown in the film, which would not be possible to do in real or something that is just imaginary which has not yet been made in the real world, then how does such a video look?

This is because VFX is used in the film, now you will have many questions like

  • What is VFX?
  • what is the full form VFX?
  • how to make a VFX?
  • What is VFX technology?

In this post today, I will answer all your questions and will like it, so you will definitely share this post with your friends as they too will increase your tech knowledge.

First of all, know that what is the full form VFX?, then the answer is Visual Effect, yes this is the full form of VFX.
Now you must know what it actually means.

What is VFX? A to Z information 1

What is VFX technology?

The visual effect is a kind of computer generated image which is also called CGI, whenever you need such footage in a video which is not really possible or if possible it will be very risky, in such a way, from the film creator computer He makes such a video which seems that the WoW video is absolutely true and for that he has to use CGI.

Now let me explain you with an example so that you will be able to understand better, assume that if a film e space means a scene with space is needed, would the film maker have to go and record in space?

No, they will just record the video as per the first concept, for which they need a green screen or blue screen, then after that bring the video to the computer and then compose it, then in the finals it will be like oh man this is really the scene of space.

How to make a VFX?

If you want to apply VFX means Visual Effect by yourself, then in this case, you must use the software that creates vfx means to operate and I must tell you one thing that for a good level output, you should specialize in VFX It is absolutely necessary to have.

Now a lot of video editing software has also added the option of VFX along with editing, which helps the video creator to make a good level video.

One thing is fixed that in the coming time VFX career is because the user of the video is growing all over the world, then people will like the same video in which good level vfx has been applied.

If you want to come in this field, then you must study VFX course, whatever will be the training institute of VFX, you should learn it.
Now you must have understood that What is VFX?

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