What is VK? VK Review! How to use vk?

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks you may know, Vkontakte (Vk) is a social medium that allows people around the world to get connected.

It has exciting features such as chatting, placing posts, sharing of posts, streaming media files, downloading and sharing media files. Vk also allows a user to use features specialized for marketing to market and place ads for every user in a group to view. It is a more user-friendly medium than Facebook. It was launched in the year 2004 by a Russian. It is the most visited social media website in Russia and the 18th in the world as at 2018.

The reason is not far-fetched. The user interphase is very easy and it has been one of the reasons why most people on Vk have been able to move around with it. Vk application is available on Google apps or PlayStore.

Why VK is so Popular in Russia?

Apart from the fact that the domain is primarily launched in Russia, the first set of users recorded on Vk were also Russians. This is one of the reasons it is mostly used by Russians.

Vk became the most used social network in Russia in 2008. Looking at its user-friendly interface and features such as the sharing of media files, Video files, and free streaming services in Russia, Vk made a mouthwatering experience for most Russians compared to other social networks such as Facebook.

The simplicity of this medium and its user-friendliness has made it the beloved of all and sundry. Similarly, it has won the affection of the Russian populace because of its numerous media. Below is a comprehensive table showing some of the interesting features Vk Russia offers compared to Facebook. The table only gives data for Russia only.

Can I link my VK and Facebook accounts?

You can sign up in VK using your Facebook account. Then you can search for your Facebook friends on VK and export your VK posts to Facebook.

But no, you cannot use VK on Facebook’s interface.

VK different from Facebook?

Quite a lot. From the business perspective the most important difference is that it allows you to target in ads your direct competitors, by selecting their communities and showing ads to them. Facebook ‘almost’ does it, but only for huge communities, like you can set ads for interest in Toyota and it will do, but not for smaller businesses.

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