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What is web design? How to learn?


Web Design:

Web design is an external framework for a website. That is, determine how the website will look or what its normal form looks like. The main design of web designers is to create a complete website template, such as its layout, how to find a menu on the headers, how to display a sidebar, and show images. There will be no application in web design. Such as login system, file uploading and saving the database, image manipulation, if there is an advertisement on the site, the ad or web application changes every time the pages are loaded. These are meant to be created by programming languages. Creating a website without any type of application can tell web designs, such designs, static design. This concept is usually used for web design.

How to Learn:

Web Design allows you to learn in a few ways. But the two most familiar are the two through training and the second is the tutorial.

One thing that you can easily master by doing three things is 1. Hear ear Eyes 3 By working. With these 3 things, you can easily absorb anything by yourself. Actually, web design is not a difficult issue. If you think it is difficult then it will be difficult for you and if you think that easy then it is easy. The main thing is that it does not matter if it is difficult or easy. Your attitude should be that I have to learn, only then you can learn and succeed.

What will I learn:

What you need to learn in web design is * HTML * CSS * JAVASCRIPT * PSD-HTML * Twitter – Bootstrap * Less Framework. First of all, you will learn HTML then learn CSS then javascript And when you finish this Gulu flame, you will start working on PSD to HTML. Twitter – Bootstrap * Less Framework These two are used to improve the website, not to learn the previous three topics, do not start this Julia. Then you will not do anything and you can not do the job properly. I have seen many designers in my life who learned to work a little bit and get to work. If you do not do it then start your career as soon as possible. Learn how to work well and then go to the field for professional work. In order to start working, these skills will be able to use skills and practical skills in some languages. But there is an ongoing process of such work experience. To learn a lot more new things, you need to make yourself more professional, more qualified web designers

Why you will learn:

The internet-based freelancing marketplace has a lot of demand for web designers. Basically, web design is an external form for a website. The main job of web designers is to design a template for a site or to specify what the site will look like, design. Web designers usually design static websites. They also have to work on the dynamics of different websites.

In order to design a creative website for freelance marketplaces in Batman, each site is available from $ 200 to $ 2,000. Although there are many interested students for website design in our country, there is no required and quality training institutions.

There is no end to online jobs. Rather the website designer has a crisis. In this case, the prospects of Bangladeshi jobs are unimportant. But sadly, we can not learn from a good organization even if we want to. There are some standard organizations, but they are based in Dhaka. So no one gets any chance at this.

But those who want to build a career in website designing can collect from the internet their own training material. There are hundreds of websites on the internet, where there is a chance to learn the design of the website. There are also video slots. Again, there are several CDs available on website designing learning packages online. But they have to buy with money, since the credit card in our country is not possible to buy these videos for everyone, so you can collect it through the torrent sites.

To become a Website Designer, it is essential to learn the work of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript, Photoshop, and Illustrator. And for a better performance, there is a need to acquire proficiency in a few other programs, including PHP Basic. And there are opportunities to learn a lot and to increase efficiency by working on these issues.



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