What kind of videos do you usually see more on YouTube?

First of all, I speak my own words. I am a blogger associated with affiliate marketing and some other online work so most of the videos I watch on YouTube are on all these topics. Along with that, I must watch some entertaining videos if I ever feel like a kheema or for relaxation and watch videos of some news channels to keep an eye on various news stories of the country.

Now, I would like to answer your question “What kind of video should be uploaded to make money from YouTube”.

Today, none of us are unaware that you can make a lot of money from YouTube.

And that’s why most people want to open a channel on YouTube, but the thing they do is make a channel by copying all the YouTube channels that have more views and more subscribers, without prioritizing what they are good at and a little expert at.

They think that if I make a video on this subject or if I make a video like this, I will get a lot of views and this is what makes twelve mistakes.

They think that this channel got a lot of views by making this kind of video so I will get it too but it doesn’t happen at all and at some point they close the channel by accepting the rate.

I can guarantee that this is the case in 70-80 percent of cases.

If your main goal is to make money, then you are making videos by watching such channels with which you have no such experience, then you will not get success.

Watch YouTube is a free video sharing platform where everyone can create content of their choice.

So if you want to make a video there, then make a video on the kind of video or topic that you know about, expert and want to do from the heart.

Honestly, you need enough time, effort and dedication to make a video on YouTube to be successful in it, not just YouTube but any work.

And if you copy someone and make a video but you have no such experience, then you will not be able to do it for a long time and one day you will get annoyed and stop uploading videos.

If you can make people laugh and love to laugh then, of course, open a comedy channel, if you are proficient in English then open the English teaching channel, if you like technology and have to experience with new gadgets then create a tech channel.

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