Why Aspirants wants Government Job – Hidden Truth

The reason Indian why youth prefers the Government fast jobs is due to design of Indian economy.

Every person need jobs to earn living for himself and his family.

When India got independence our Economy largely based on Agriculture and had little in name of Industry.

Instead of opting a policy that could encourage entrepreneurship which will increase income or get any foreign investment that could have given jobs to Indians. PM Jawahar Lal Nehru opted for a socialist policy where foreign investments were not allowed & there was no ease of doing business.

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License Raj made it impossible for new entrepreneurs to establish. Education policy of British which aimed to create clerks was continued. Still most big names in Indian Industry are either from families that were already rich or have taken Graduate Admission and studied in American or British Universities with some exceptions like Narayana Murthy who received his Masters from IIT Kanpur or Dhirubhai Ambani who studied only till High School and never went to college.

While Government job provided a lifetime security and pension afterwards a small private sector compared to size of country provided no job security to a large number of unskilled labours available for Jobs.

With Media and leftist environment in Education system being a businessman became evil for youth and being a government employee became only secured option.

Yes Government employees do get involved in corruption but while growing up as a young kid nobody thinks at 15 years of age that I will grow up to be a corrupt governement officer by age of 30. It is the parents and society that creates an environment among a youngster to start preparing for a govenment job for secured future.

However despite the Nehruvian model of economy and leftist education at some places & among some communities the culture of business still exists.

Lesser the opportunities a state has in private sector more is the desire of people to enter Govenment service. States like Gujarat have a business culture. Marwadis, Sindhis are few communities where one can see a natural desire to have own business as a part of upbringing and culture. They do not mind taking risk as required in business. On other hand a state like Bihar that has seen more poverty, floods & crime one can find youngsters trying for IAS more than any other states. Many parts of Himachal & Uttrakhand where Industries are hard to setup due to mountains have a culture of applying for armed forces & state Govenment jobs.

At the end the Government Jobs alone cannot solve unemployment issues in India. Growth of private sector is much needed for which we have to rethink our policies. Ratings of India may have improved in ease of doing business but yet India needs to continue working to make it even better. Create a skilled labour force for private sector.

Applications to Latest Government Jobs should be from candidates interested in those fields not from random people looking for job security.