Why Technology Is Good ?

Were it not for technology, we would still be somewhat upright-walking primates, huddling in the trees at night so as not to be eaten by predators.

But we developed tools (primitive at first) and then weapons, and mastered fire, and made clothing that allowed us to move to different climates, and on and on till the present day.

All of those things are “technology”.

Now, there is always the thought that whatever the current state of technology is… Is bad. Harmful in some way, dehumanizing, disruptive to societies.

No doubt there were Romans who thought that those clever aqueducts that brought fresh water into the city were a terrible idea as they threw water-carriers out of work…..

The Industrial Revolution caused all manner of displacement… Huge numbers of agricultural workers who picked crops and tended fields by hand were thrown out of work by the introduction of mechanized tractors and reapers and other machines.

But humanity coped, and has always coped.

The digital revolution has changed society in many ways, but young folks who have never known anything else don’t seem to be bothered at all.

There are always downsides…. We have nuclear bombs and nerve gas and computer viruses and “fake news”…. But to a curi

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