You do not have to do 5 jobs that are freelancer!


Today we will discuss some small thing but very important discussions. You are a freelancer But there are some small issues to be kept in the freelancer. So today’s main thing is that you will never do 5 tasks for the freelancer!

1. Bid for a comparatively low budget: Many freelancers who have seen those who are interested in working at a very low budget to work early and bid bids at very low rates. Never do this, or the market is wasted in it. Remember, you will lose your fair value if you want to work in compliance with this policy. Which will be a big challenge in the future to increase your hours. So bases, bid works, based on time and expertise.

2. Not being aware of the commitments: Commitment in Freelance Career is a very important one. Which will speed up your profile faster? In many cases, there is a lack of commitment among local freelancers. But the Bayer Commitment of the outside country has given great importance. Remember that if you can not keep the commitments later, there are fears of losing the job. So be careful to work with words.

3. Always say yes: Learn to say no to buyers occasionally. This will lessen his expectations, fear of losing will not be too much. And if the bad guy’s rhetoric, then the kneading soil. So be careful now.

4. Do not forget to take feedback: Do not forget to take the feedback at the end of the job. Good feedback will help you get the next job. There should be no feedback, just the goal of getting good feedback.

5. Forget the old buyer: The signs of the good freelancer keeping a good relationship with the buyer and keeping regular checkups. You have to remember that if you can have good relations with a buyer, he may be able to refer you to various project work or to refer others to you. So keep a regular relationship with a buyer as well as a good relation. Never forget the old buyer.
Hopefully, 5 tips to follow the new freelancers regularly.


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